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Crowdsource Your Library, Engage Your Community

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Professional Development 2 Hours

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are fundamentally comprehensive ways of enlisting community assistance in the digital era. For modern libraries, matching the right crowdsourcing/funding tools with the needs of its community can can not only help achieve immediate goals, but provide long-term direction and inspiration for future library/patron services. This program will show you how this vastly emerging resource of funds not only helps identify both community and library local and digital needs, but in essence may act as the very heart of such relationships moving forward.

Presenter: Sara Fiore, is reference librarian at the Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton, New York. and is author of Crowdsource Your Library, Engage Your Community.   Her work has appeared in Library Journal, Public Libraries Magazine, and PLA Online. Before finding her calling as a public librarian, she worked for many years in scientific publishing as an editorial assistant and book review editor.