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WEBINAR Administrative Teams: A New Approach for Friends Leadership sponsored by FLS/NYLA

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Looking for an alternative to the traditional Friends of the Library leadership model? Today’s volunteers need flexibility in their involvement in community organizations. Coming from their work world, these volunteers want  to  provide  input  into  how  a  task  is  completed,  focusing  on  tangible  results.  Officer  positions  in  most Friends  organizations  have  so  many  duties  that  they  are  full-time  jobs.  It  is  unrealistic  to  recruit  volunteers willing to devote the number of hours needed to provide careful oversight to such an important support group focused on the community library. Shared  leadership  may  be  an  attractive  alternative  for  your  Friends  group  with  focused  individual involvement. For a manageable investment of time, a volunteer will see impressive results for their efforts as they  join  with  other  members  of  a  leadership  team.  Being  open  to  change  and  adopting  a  new  way  of leadership will attract the next generation of Friends volunteers and help accomplish the organization’s goals. Full Discription