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Outreach Services - Long Island Coalition for the Homeless

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Professional Development 2 Hours

The public library serves many patrons who are homeless, some that we know are homeless and many more that we may not even realize are struggling to stay alive on the streets. As the population of people experiencing homelessness increases across Long Island, we need to have information about the many programs and services for individuals and families. The Long Island Coalition for the Homeless is one of the leading organizations dealing with this issue. Join us at SCLS to meet with Mike Giuffrida, Associate Director of the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless to learn about what we can do to best serve people in our community. As a reminder, for additional "Resources for People Experiencing Homelessness" and many other outreach topics, visit the SCLS Gateway and select Outreach Services. Also, visit the Emergency Preparedness section of the Gateway to learn about "The Role of the Public Library in Community Preparedness and Resiliency".