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Professional Development 1.5 Hours

The RDA Online Orientations provide an introduction and illustrative examples to the many changes to RDA and RDA Toolkit introduced during the 3R Project.  These series will provide a foundation of knowledge on which to optimize usage of the new and revised RDA and RDA Toolkit.

This series of webinars explores both new entities introduced by the IFLA Library  Reference Model (LRM), such as Nomen and Timespan, and other LRM-related concepts including manifestation statements. The series will also address new approaches to familiar topics such as Fictitious  Non-human Personages and Relationship Elements. 

The IFLA Library Reference Model introduced the concept of representative expression, which as incorporated into the revised RDA will allow catalogers to record certain “representative” expression elements in the description of the work. In addition to exploring representative expressions, this session will also have a look at the new concept of manifestation statements.