The Suffolk Cooperative Library System is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting environmental stewardship at all levels of our organization. Our goal is to minimize our organization’s impact and maximize future generations’ ability to live, work, and play in our shared natural environment, with equal access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources.

We will strive to minimize pollution and waste, conserve energy and water, protect habitats, support renewable energy resources, buy environmentally friendly products, and encourage environmentally preferable transportation.

These efforts will extend to contractor and supplier relationships. We will encourage contractors and suppliers serving or otherwise acting on behalf of the organization to meet our standards of environmental performance.

Employee understanding and involvement are essential to the implementation of this policy. All employees will receive a copy of this policy upon hire, and be educated about SCLS’s efforts to continue to strive towards the “triple bottom line” definition of sustainability: to be truly sustainable, an organization must embody practices that are environmentally sound, and economically feasible, and socially equitable. Employees at all levels of the company will be involved in supporting our goals.

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The Suffolk Cooperative Library System is the home of the Sustainable Libraries Initiative.